In partnership with the Ministry of Health, KDC facilitates the community to identify the nutrition and health needs in the area and develop a working strategy. These include community eating habits, availability, sanitation management, Maternal and Neonatal health (Reproductive health), school health, HIV/Aids, Capacity building trainings among others.

Such project facilitates improvement of the living conditions of the parent/guardian to care and support the OVCs in a sustainable manner.

Community Health and Nutrition (CHN),


KDC promotes projects that are geared towards food security by utilizing appropriate knowledge and abilities among the community. Key to food security is to develop strategies and coping mechanism to ensure food availability through out the year. 

Trainings on food security are conducted by the line ministries which include; Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Livestock, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI) and others. Specific project and activities include:

  • Local Chicken Production and Marketing
  • Community-Based Sunflower Promotion and Utilization Integrated with Beekeeping
  • Women's Value Chain


Food Security and Agri-business

 KDC enhances governance in community institutional framework of the existing community organizations through Peoples institutions (SHGs, Chama’s, and VLSAs). This includes training on resource mobilization, community wealth creation project management, community extension, resource mobilization and utilization and group dynamics. As a result, KDC supports projects where participants gain knowledge and confidence needed to solve their own problems. Local leaders are nurtured, empowered and later on emerge thereby enabling communities to become stronger.

Activities include:

  • ​Market assessments to determine viable economic activities available within the local communities, skills gap in the current training courses.
  • Review of courses offered to indicate which to be enriched and which to be introduced.
  • Pedagogy skills of instructors through in-service training.
  • .Improvement of workshops (equipping and provision of training aids.)
  • Linkages with relevant businesses, organizations and industries for the purpose of attachments to the world of work.
  •  Assessment of the governance and leadership of the Vocational Technical College’s capacity building plan and strategies for the VTC.


Community Social -Capital Development (CSD)


KDC enhances governance in community institutions of the existing Community Based Organizations and other groups. This includes training on project management, community to community extension, and resource mobilization and use. As a result, KDC supports projects where participants gain knowledge and confidence needed to solve their own problems. 

Local leaders emerge and communities become stronger. As a result of this sharing results multiply. KDC encourages and contributes new knowledge to the community to enhance life across the region.

Capacity Building