The overall purpose of this assignment is to further KCDMS’ objective to improve agribusiness opportunities for smallholder farmers, including youth and women through strengthening the capacities of existing and dormant savings and lending groups (or chamas). This is meant to encourage an increase in savings and lending especially for agricultural productivity and marketing of value chains by members of the VSL groups. The assignment is also aimed at layering KCDMS market systems interventions to the already existing KDC 450 savings and lending groups.


KDC’s unique approach involves formation of Cluster level Associations (CLAs) where 8 to 10 strong and functional VSLA groups come together for ease of operation and continued support in livelihood development.

The intended results include; improved management of chama activities, increased investments in agricultural activities, group cohesiveness, agricultural diversification and linkages of Chamas to Financial Institutions, increased participation of members including youth & women in VSLA activities and increased savings and lending for improved livelihoods.