PROJECT PURPOSE: Promoting sustainable Community Self Development for care and support of children and youth through people’s institution among 2040 poor women and their families.

Overall Objective:To promote socio, economic and political empowerment of the poor women to care and support their families in Ikanga division by May 2020.

                                        Key Activities

CLA training on linkages was one of the best activities in the SHG implementation area where the CLA members after mapping the area and understanding the scope of there reach were able to engage the government officers for trainings. The county government through the office of the ward administrator was able to repair and rehabilitation some access roads using the

county tractors .

80% of the Communities benefitted by trainings offered by the line ministry. This includes cervical cancer screening, family planning and water purification among others.

Fruit tree planting and management through the ministry of Agriculture and facilitated by KDC to 532 SHG members has led to increased number of knowledge on the trees planting and multiplication of the trees planted in the community. The demonstration centre’s are acting as the study centre’s for all the members of the community.

The community which hardly had information about the best climate adaptable fruit trees and there ability to grow in the area has been trained and its now championing for fruit aproduction

CFs monthly meetings has enabled the CFs to learn from each other and identify  capacity gaps which comes as cross cutting issues to form the training need. This has helped them in transfer of knowledge between the CFs.

CFs rotational meetings and exchange visits has enhanced the sharing of experiences which in turn strengthens the SHGs understanding and challenges their way of doing things.

                                                   CLA OUR NEW PRIDE

The formation of the SHGs in Ikanga – Kathungu sublocation was challenging due to the past experience of micro finance depleting the community resources. In 2016 March, the community finally cooperated and agreed to form the groups. The revolution of Kshs 20 as a contribution by members was not seen as something that could change life for better. 9 SHGs were formed. After training for a period of 6 months, the SHGs were assessed and later strengthened on the weak areas; three months later they formed UVUANYO CLA in Dec 2016.

The formation of the Cluster Level Association has led to the increase in the number of the SHGs. the CLA was trained on wise investment which has been a source of motivation to the community, leaders and the neighboring community in the need for the formation of the groups.

UVUANYO CLA started with contribution of Kshs 200 from individual SHGs giving a total of Kshs 1800 per month. 6 months later the CLA started the business of buying food stuffs now that the area has been receiving low rains and no harvest. The demand for the food stuffs was high leading to increase in quantity every month. The CLA invested Kshs 133,000 in purchase of Public address System (PAS) which was very rare to get during the community social events and if available was at a very high price of Kshs 5,000. The move led to lowering the price of hire to Kshs 2500 per member hence high demand.

After a smooth run with the PAS and the business of food stuffs; the CLA and SHG members realized that they had a hard time in the renting of the PAS because they had to look for where they could get a rental tent and chairs to rent together, the members agreed to purchase a tent and chairs to be renting out together. This was made possible with the profit from the investment thus bought tents at Kshs 90,000 and chairs Kshs.60, 000.  The community has appreciated the SHG and CLA for the services and this has enabled the CLA to have a smooth run in addressing their roles. currently the CLA has a capital of Kshs 187,000 and the SHGs are giving out loans up to Kshs 40,000 and more SHGs and have formed and a new CLA named Maendeleo with 9 SHGs.

SHG members during the official launch of their Public Address System which was a priority to the community and the SHGs who felt the need and this is an investment which is physical

tree planting and establishment of a demonstration farm for peer learning.