The Kitui County CASE-OVC project focuses on economic sustainability for caregivers and a gradual transition away from direct support for OVC. KDC works on building strong families in the targeted area to ensure children affected by HIV/AIDS in the three sub counties will be resilient and thrive within their households and communities.The project operates with four domains and below are some of the achievements as per domain


This domain covers Child protection and legal support.

Sensitization of caregivers on parenting skills, child protection and ovc welfare: 122(40 male,82 female) caregivers were sensitized on the different ways of bringing up children. Some of the rights to the children were mentioned to them. The caregivers with positive were emphasised to take greater care of them since they are part of the sensitive beneficiaries we have in the project.














Photos of success in implementation of the project


Conduct QITs child rights’ training and support: The 5 QITs with a total membership of 71 people were taken through the training. They were all capacity built on the different rights of children and how to handle different child rights violation e.g. defilement. There was exchange of numbers with the child officer so as to refer any case of child rights violation within their area of jurisdiction. During this meeting sensitization on the CASE-OVC project was done. After the training Nzatani QIT managed to buy food for one household that had no food. The children in the household were not attending school due to starvation, after which they are now attending school. The same QIT built a house for another household with two OVC who had been affected by heavy rains although the house has not been roofed due to financial constrain.

Sensitization on child rights, life skills with 30 school guidance teachers: training  on the four categories of children rights which are survival, development, protection and participation rights.

Participatory mapping of hotspots for child abuse: This is done in four different meeting; QITs child rights training, open forum, chiefs and leaders training on child rights and AAC meeting. In the different meetings it was evident that the most child rights violation cases are neglect case followed by custody cases. Areas seen to be hotspots of the targeted beneficiaries are Mutwangombe, Kea, Mumoni, Nzauni and Kyuso.

Training of ward administrators, community leaders and chiefs on Rights of Children: Topics discussed during the meeting were rights of children accused of offences, guarantees of accused child and principles of children rights. The leaders were also sensitized that all minors had a chance to get a lawyer through the children department if need be. It was during this training that some cases were referred to the children officer.



This domain deals with Education and vocational training for the ovc.

We have been able to pay vocational fee for eleven older OVC amounting to KSHS 65,200. OVC in secondary school have also benefitted through school fees payment where 40(20 male 20 female) of them got a support totalling to KSHS 281,500. The beneficiaries were chosen on basis of their need and their school performance. 60% of the balance was paid to all who didn’t have a big balance but based on their family status some were given a bigger percentage. OVC infected with HIV were given priority.




This domain makes sure that the ovc are in good body condition.

Sensitization of caregivers on food groups and diet diversity, proper food preparation and sanitation practices: Due to the good harvest experienced in the project area this season, it was important for the caregivers to be sensitized on the different ways to improve the health of the ovc and their households through nutrition. In collaboration with Migwani hospital, a nutritionist facilitated the meeting.  122(40 male,82 female) caregivers were taken through the different food groups and how to combine all to have a balanced diet. They were also taken through food preparation methods.

CME on EMCTC & SRH: Having a goal to lower new infections amongst the beneficiaries to zero, a training organized by the project team, MOH and CHS was conducted. CHS gave three female facilitators who took Caregivers and adolescent ovc (35 male;64 female) through the different ways of mother to child HIV infections. They were also sensitized on how to take care of the positive children especially the adolescents. Those who had become pregnant while still young, the caregivers were asked not to discriminate rather give them support.

Support groups: All sero positives are in support groups which meet once in a month and are facilitated by adherence officer. The children were emphasized on importance of being consistent in taking the drugs. The children also shared with group how they had coped through the month in terms of challenges at school and at home. In Migwani they were given porridge flour to help in giving them energy to take the drugs.


This domain majors in improving the economic status of the homestead and providing skills development to older OVC and caregivers to increase their employability.

VSLAs (village savings and loaning association) have been linked with the county government extension officers and were trained on best agricultural practices on kitchen gardening and tree nurseries.

VSLA members have also been linked with the county government (ndengu revolution program) which will see their green grams produce getting purchased at a good price by the county government.

VSLA members have been linked to Kitui enterprise promotion to get their sorghum produce purchased and were also trained by the same company on aggregation.

11 older Ovc have been supported with fees in their vocational training Centre which after graduation will have increased their skills for employment or even starting their own IGAs. 2 older Ovc have also been attached to areas of apprenticeship.


















                          Support group meeting with a nurse, one QIT member and the  area CHV.



















Project officer training of the 26 CHVs
















Janet Mumo speaking to the youths during an open forum at Migwani.