KDC has been working with communities and smallholder farmers to build their capacities and become food secure. The organization has been organizing the communities in Common interest groups (CIGs), Farmer Groups (FGs) and Self-Help Groups (SHGs). KDC has a total of 540 groups across Kitui. These interest groups were very key to reach communities for implementation of programmatic interventions. Suddenly, COVID 19 pandemic disrupted their operations. The groups suspended their table banking activities and disrupted their agri-production activities. This has made the groups incomes to stagnate, savings suspended, access to credit from the SHGs stopped, levels of production going down and ultimately forced the SHG to stop their businesses. This project targets the members of the SHGs, CIGs, and FGs who have been severely disrupted by Covid 19. The groups need an urgent attention to the IGAs, table banking and agriproduct ion activities for domestic and community use. This will help in resumption and reviving of their group activities and farming activities which will guarantee flow of income and nutrition.

This project will focus on two resilience interventions

Improving food security by enhancing the commitment of subsistence farmers to pay more attention to producing the major basic foods which guarantee full household nutrition needs

Supporting new and emerging value chain channels through revitalizing SHGs, CIGs and FG for smallholder farmers after COVID-19 disruptions