Project Goal: To contribute to realization and fulfillment of rights for all children in Miambani Division 

Overall Objective: To improve the wellbeing of the target 3,876 women in SHGA households      

 in Miambani Division.


Achievements under sub-objective of building sustainable and strong PIs in Miambani by the end of the project (Sub-objective 1)

1. 27 more new SHGs and 2 more CLAs were   formed and strengthened.

2. All the new SHGs and CLAs acquired knowledge on SHG and CLA concept respectively. The skills and knowledge are to improve their lives

3. 108 SHGs’ book

writers / representatives and 8 CLA’s book writers and representatives have improved skills/knowledge on record keeping and reporting training on the same.

4. Three CLAs were strengthened on gaps identified through assessment and reports

5. Through KENCHIC company SHG members acquired knowledge on new technology of keeping the improved kienyeji (local) breed of poultry as they grow faster and cope well with climate in the region. It is expected that SHG members will increase their household income through this

Achievements under the sub-objective of building community resilience to safeguards children rights (sub-objective 2)

1. CLA members from one CLA, CF and 5 CG committee members had their skills enhanced through refresher training on CG concept. They are using the knowledge to strengthen CGs

2. Three CGs and Children Ambassadors (CAM) were trained on children rights. Their understanding of children rights, how the rights are violated and reporting on the same was enhanced

3. Instead of exposure visit for CGs, Intergroup children activities was organised where all children including CAM had an opportunity to interact, compete in some games like football, athletics. This has built the confidence of children in expressing themselves and participation.